Choosing the Right Countertop Material

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Choosing the Right Countertop Material

Choosing the right countertop material can be exciting and enjoyable – or it can be an ordeal. Many homeowners prefer to install natural stone slab countertops; there are a host of reasons for this. Natural stone is beautiful, extraordinarily durable, safe for your family, environmentally responsible and easy to care for. Unfortunately, many stone suppliers display their products outdoors. Looking for the ideal granite, marble, travertine, quartz, onyx, soapstone or more exotic stone slab can be exhausting if you’re out in the heat, humidity or wind.

Look for a premium stone supplier that maintains a large, well lit and fully air-conditioned showroom. Being indoors in pleasant surroundings will help you to see the stone properly and allow you to make this important decision in comfort.

Visit a premier stone supply showroom today to find the perfect natural stone countertop for your kitchen or bathroom!
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Choosing the Right Countertop Material

With all of the choices available to today’s homeowner, it can be difficult to know where to start when shopping for a kitchen or bathroom countertop. There are various considerations, including:
  • Appearance. Do you want your countertop to be a focal point for the room that really makes a design impact? Or would you prefer one in neutral tones that will blend in easily with any style of décor? Is uniformity important to you or do you prefer the unique look of natural stone? Is your personal style spare and modern, or traditional and more ornate? Do you want a glossy surface, or a matte or honed one?
  • Use. If you are a baker, you may want a kitchen countertop made from marble, which has the perfect cool surface for making pastry. If you have small children, you might choose granite or quartz, both of which are hardy and easy to clean. If you plan to use backlighting to make your countertop a featured style element for the bathroom, you may want to consider onyx, which has a translucent quality that makes it shine like gemstone.
  • Environmental impact. There are a number of things to think about when selecting materials based on their environmental impact, such as how long the countertop will last. If the material has a long life and will not need replacement, that must be weighed against any manufacturing, processing or shipping impacts.
Before heading to the showroom, research basic facts about various types of natural stone and other materials to help you make your choice. Remember that stone slab is not only perfect for countertops, but also makes beautiful flooring or wall accents, and can be turned into custom decorative pieces like side tables or coffee tables.